Ambrosia Redux

I remember ambrosia being on every buffet, when I was a kid. it felt like such a decadent indulgence then. Ask got older ambrosia fell out of fashion. maybe because we are all so much more health conscious than we were then, I recently saw an instagram post with someone making an ambrosia recipe I decided it was time to update this classic southern dish for my California lifestyle.

I took all the typical ingredients and used their fresher counter parts. For canned mandarin oranges, I used fresh clementines. Instead of canned pineapple, I used fresh. The maraschino cherries were a hard no for me, but I wanted that sweetness. I landed on the Italian cherries that are often used in cocktails. They aren’t necessarily “better” but I’m more comfortable with cherries that aren’t bleached then re-colored. Yuck!

From there, I exchanged the sour cream for vanilla greek yogurt and add just a few marshmallows for that mouth feel.

I hope you enjoy this version as much as I do. Let me know!

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I updated a traditional recipe with fresh fruits and it is delicious!
Course: Everything Else
Cuisine: American
Keyword: fruit, southern
Servings: 8


  • 1 16-oz container Non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • 4 Clementine Oranges, peeled and sectioned
  • 1 Pineapple, cubed
  • 5 ounces Luxardo or Amareena Cherries, with a little juice
  • 1/3 Cup Shredded Coconut
  • 10 large Marshmallows, cut into quarters


  • Stir all ingredients together and refrigerate 4 hours to overnight.
    Serve chilled.

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