Homemade Graham Crackers

Homemade Graham Crackers for S’Mores

S’mores are iconic in summer and really any time during the year. But there are times when you don’t want to be making them fireside. maybe you have little ones and not enough eyes to do it all. Maybe it’s too dry outside and you don’t want to have a fire. Whatever the reason I make a s’mores dip and homemade graham crackers. It is always a hit.

For the dip, use a small cast iron skillet and melt your chocolate bars (or other favorite candy bar) in the bottom. You can do this over a stove or carefully in the oven, under a broiler. Remember it will burn quickly. Once your chocolate is melted, take it out of the oven and give it a swirl to make sure it is even in the pan. Then top with mini marshmallows and return to broiler to “toast”. Again be careful. You want your marshmallows toasted and gooey but not burnt.

Serve with homemade graham crackers and enjoy!

Homemade Graham Crackers
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Homemade Graham Crackers

Elevate your snack game by making homemade graham crackers. These were inspired by King Arthur Baking
Course: Everything Else
Cuisine: American
Keyword: crackers, graham
Servings: 1 dozen


  • 1 cup Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • 1 cup All-Purpose Flour
  • 1/4 cup Granulated White Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
  • 1 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1 Lg. Egg
  • 1/4 cup Canola Oil, or other neutral
  • 1/4 cup Honey
  • 2 to 3 Tbs. Whole Milk
  • additional milk for glaze


  • Whisk together the pastry flour, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder in a medium-sized bowl.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk the egg with the oil, honey, and 2 tablespoons milk. Stir this egg mixture into the dry ingredients until you have a fairly stiff dough.
    You may need to add more milk, but go easy you don't want a loose dough.
  • Wrap the dough and chill it until firm, about 1 hour.
  • Preheat the oven to 300°.
  • Divide the dough in half and, working with one piece at a time, roll the dough out about 1/16" thick between two pieces of parchment paper.
  • Transfer the rolled-out dough on the parchment paper to a baking sheet. Repeat.
  • Poke wholes evenly, to keep from puffing too much. I use a fork.
  • Brush both pieces of dough with milk then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, if using.
  • Bake the sheets of dough for 10 minutes, rotate halfway through.
  • Remove pans from the oven, and use a sharp knife to cut the sheets of dough into 3" x 2" rectangles; don't separate them, just cut them. I use a magical pastry cutter.
  • Return the cut crackers to the oven, and continue to bake for 18 to 20 minutes.
  • Turn off the oven, and open the oven door wide for with the crackers inside; this helps make them extra crispy.
  • Remove the crackers from the oven, transfer them to a cooling rack, and cool completely.

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