Whisk in the Southern explores high-quality recipes, a wealth of tips from chef Judi’s years of culinary experience, useful product recommendations, and lessons taught in an accessible and fun way. Judi focuses on an easy-to-understand and accessible style of teaching that anyone can follow. Chef Judi is a southern California girl whisking in her Georgia roots into everything she makes.

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Dinner Party Series

Dinner Party Series

I’m excited to offer my Dinner Party 4-Part series, beginning April 6, 2023! Classes will be held once a month. In this series, you will learn how to craft the perfect dinner party experience and still be a guest at your own evening. I will walk you through every step from invitations, to setting the mood, menu ideas with recipes, activities and conversation starters to keep the night flowing, and even provide a link to a Spotify play list created to enhance the theme.

Want to be a host & a Guest at your next Dinner Party?

Series Themes

The first class in the series will be a classic Steakhouse dinner party. The remaining classes in the series are: A celebratory dinner for any occasion, A Summer BBQ that everyone will love, even vegans, and each series will include a regional theme like New Orleans or Sicily.

Ready to get cooking?

Participants can register for one class or a series of 4. One class is $85 the series is $300.

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additional fantastic events and Opportunities


There are a number of ways you can learn to cook from me!


Virtual Dinner Party Series
I have a fabulous Dinner Party Series, where I teach you how to be a guest and a host at your own gathering. I will take you from invitations to take home gifts and everything in between. I will even give you a curated Spotify Playlist to go with the theme. These classes are taught virtually.

In Person Classes
If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to take an in-person class, I’d love to teach you and a group of friends, in my home. These classes are custom to you. I will work with you to create a specialized menu or you can pick one of the dinner party classes. The minimum for this class is 8 paid students.

Private Classes
Finally, if you are interested in private classes for yourself or as a gift, I would love to teach you some of my favorite secrets.

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Recipe Development/Testing

I am available for recipe development and recipe testing. Recipe development can involve researching dishes, techniques and local availability of ingredients. I work with your team to create recipes for you that includes ease of instructions, scaling for volume and sourcing ingredients. With decades of experience in the food business, I understand that no two kitchens or cooks are the same. It is essential that recipes for a cookbook, caterer or restaurant be tested to insure ease of instructions, repeatability and consistency. Please reach out to me or my representative for pricing

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curated playlists

If you need a curated playlist for your event or gathering; I’m your gal. Click Here for a sample of a Steakhouse Vibe playlist. I would love to put together, a perfectly matched to your theme, for your next event. Please reach out to me or my representative for pricing.

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Brand Ambassador

If you are looking for the perfect Brand Ambassador, look no further. I am passionate about spreading brand awareness. I think everyone should be able to access the best product for their needs. I am a great listener and can easily connect to people.

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Judi's class was very inviting and inclusive, which made learning from her fun and simple. Not, only does Judi bring in her years of experience and expertise, but she also makes her time with you very joyful. She is relaxed and cheerful! 


Easy, tasty recipes explained in a simple way. Everybody could make it!

I have only been cooking for about two years and Judi welcomed me with open arms. She has become my mentor, and answers every question with a smile. I recommend everyone join her blog and have fun making her recipes. 

Inviting and Incusive

easy, tasty recipes


She is my mentor


Judi had such an ease in the kitchen and also in teaching. It felt as though we were right there, enjoying her company while she cooked and walked us through each and every item. She was great at explaining each step and giving informational tips along the way! Fantastic class all around. 


Chef Judi is very responsive to any questions I’ve submitted and always guides me with confidence and ease that makes me feel great about entertaining and trying out new recipes

I love visiting her website for fresh ideas for recipes and also interesting tips from her blog- it's all so easy to navigate, and truly makes me look like a real hero for my guests that sit around my table

Fantastic class

Guides with Confidence


fresh ideas for recipes


If you follow me, you can expect high-quality recipes, a wealth of tips from my years of culinary experience, useful product recommendations, and lessons taught in an accessible and fun way. I focus on an easy-to-understand and accessible style of teaching that anyone can follow.  

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